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Events and Projects


Current Projects

We are very proud to mention that the current library project is underway in the town of Shire, Endasilassie. The construction of the building will cost 3.7 million Eth. Birr and it will still require more funding for the computers, furniture, books, etc. The cost of these supplies is approximately 15 million Eth. Birr (1.5 million USD). The facility will include a two-story building, science labs, computer rooms, children study rooms, research center, all wheelchair accessible, recreation area, a large conference room, and offices.


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Existing Projects

The Development Association of Shire (DAS) had carried out small-scale projects in the past. These projects were focused on reconstructing the community and initiated the volunteer efforts.

These were the projects:

- Provided funding for the youth in extracurricular activities such as music, art, and sports.

- Provide funding for cleanup crews for each Woreda’s; for instance, clothing, cleaning equipment, garbage cans, and dumpsters. * This enhanced the city structures of North-western part of Tigray.

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Shire Location

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