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2010.05.12 14:30:27

You Tell Us:- how we can improve the DASNA website?


2010.05.12 09:13:17

This is just to say congratulation in your new site. It is very nice and clean site.

2010.05.12 09:52:50

Good job!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks wonderful. I love it.

2010.05.13 08:46:02


Tilahun H Abrah
2010.05.13 13:58:02

I am very glad to see such a wonder full progress in our website. It is amusing how it is done.
Thanks for those who worked hard to bring a change and progress in to the website
Thank you again

2010.05.20 13:54:38

halo halo deki adeye
betaimi eyu des eluni. tsebuk zkone website eyu befelaye naAna merakebi zkonena eyu. tsebake nayeti website zewotso yebelun.
tehaguse korielekum.
kab Haftom, Haremaye university

2010.05.20 14:00:01

i am very proud to see this changes. wow.... deki tigray mekankum ameskirkum.
ketselelu zemeyehewateye.
gebremariam Eyi kab mekelle university (3rd yr electrical enginnering student)

2010.05.28 02:30:45

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2011.04.05 16:38:23

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Wedi Adimbilu
2011.08.21 21:42:38

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